Survivor GameZ VII Qualifiers Delayed

Afternoon everyone, as Father's Day is conflicting with SGZ VII Qualifiers, and we want to ensure we have SGZ VII on the latest DayZ we...

Survivor GameZ VII Qualifiers: Roster Announced!

Welcome to the DayZ Survivor GameZ VII Qualifiers! Good luck! You'll bloody well need it! WATCH THE QUALIFIER EVENT HERE: (we will only use this...

Survivor GameZ VI: Polishedguy’s Recap

Footage is taken from event/streamers which participated at April 19th. Links to streamers and casters down below. Thanks for watching. Like/Subscribe if you want to...

Survivor GameZ – The Original Trailer

Take a trip down memory lane with the original Survivor GameZ I trailer!

Survivor GameZ Qualifiers: How to Apply

Here's a brief video explaining how to apply for the high-stakes DayZ event known as The Survivor GameZ!

Survivor GameZ V: VOD Replay

SuvivorGameZ is back! Tune in this Sunday, February 8th at 1pm PST to watch as Twitch's top survivalists compete to be the SurvivorGameZ V Champion.